Friday, May 25, 2012

Ephesus and the cats

Photos still won't load. I will post lots when I get home for sure! Today we went to Ephesus to see the ruins. They are amazing! The age of the ancient city is hard to comprehend. I saw a carving of the goddess Nike that was in great condition. What was left of the bath house was great for the imagination to picture what it was like. The latrines were well intact. There were many holes to sit on in a row. You could continue your conversation with your friend while you were doing your business. Then put vinegar on your sponge at the end of a stick to clean yourself. There was a trench at your feet to clean your sponge, but better wait for the person upstream to finish first! Quite the affair.

 There are cats everywhere! Most have been pretty friendly, but you know how moody they can get very quickly, as I soon found out when this lovely female desided she was done with me petting her and told me so by attacking my hand. Don't worry, there are a lot of mother hens in our group who made sure I used hand sanitizer and anti-biotic ointment. It's just a scratch, just a scratch!
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  1. Harun Says:

    cats everywhere! there is no running away from them in Ephesus :D

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