Monday, May 28, 2012

Turkish Delight

     I like Turkey, I like it a lot. I feel like I belong there. The attitude of the Turks is something I can really jive with. We went out wandering the streets of Kusadesi at night and it felt a little dangerous at the same time I felt right at home. It is much cleaner in Greece but the Greek way of life is much more akin to what I see in America. It is very clean but not quite as mysterious which is strange considering the past that this place has.
     I'm really glad to be off the boat, it was fun for the first 24 hours but after awhile I just could not settle down to go to sleep so I ended up wandering the boat late at night trying to amuse myself which I did, however minimally. After arriving in Greece I had alot of energy left but by mid afternoon I just lost all my steam and that was it. I am very happy to have seen the Acropolis and especially the Church of the Holy Apostles. There was a beautiful feeling that came to me in the Church, some people shed tears while others prayed, it was quite wonderful. I think that just sitting there for awhile taking in the vibe of that place was the highlight of my trip.
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