Monday, May 7, 2012

New Places

  There are a lot of places on our trip that I have heard of or I know about.  Then there a few that I haven't.  I thought it would be a good idea to do some research on those places so I do not get off the plane feeling clueless!  You never know when you learn something new and love it.  I had never heard of The Plaka District in Athens before this trip.  I just figured it was another business district.  But after researching I now know that it is more than that and some history to it as well.
  Plaka just so happens to be one of the oldest sections in Athens.  It is like a small village.  It use to be the clubbing district before it was closed in the 70's.  The government closed it down and outlawed the loud amplified music in hopes of getting rid of the riff raff. There plan worked out for them.  The district is now filled with restaurants, jewelry stores, tourist shops, and cafés.  Some of the shops and restaurants that caught my eye were: Mesogoia (a little grocery shop), Saita Taverna, Coral (antique shop).
  I am really excited to go exploring and find little shops and stores like these.  I hope I can find a treasure or two in them!!

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