Friday, May 4, 2012


From Ann:

There are a lot of changes going on with the Euro daily.  If you haven’t been listening to the news, this has a lot to do with what is happening in Greece. 

Right now the exchange rate is:

1.00    USD = 0.763413 EUR
1.00 USD = 1.75907 TRY

So, when I went to change money at the bank here, I found that it was better to wait until we get to Istanbul.  For my own personal use, I am going to bring some US dollars and change some over when I get there.  I also plan to use my debit card to withdraw my money as needed.  

You will want to have some cash with you, but you will not want to carry around a lot.  You can wait to exchange it when you get there to get the best rate.

Be sure to call your bank and all of your credit card companies and tell where you will be and when so that there will be no blocks on your accounts.

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