Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Unique Turkish Sport 1--Camel Fighting

This is one of those exotic, quite Turkish things.  We probably won't see a match, but perhaps this gives another glimpse into this different world.  In Crescent and Star, a book I made my travel-writing students read (they complain there's too much politics...), Stephen Kinzer tells us:

"A match resembles an outsize version of sumo wrestling.  It begins with two cames, the largest of which can wekigh well over a ton, being led toward each other.  Sometimes on bolts and runs away, thereby forfeiting the match.  More often, they crash into each other and begin shoulder-to-shoulder pushing.  For a minute or more, there is little movement as the contestants strain against each other.  Their owners urge them on, spectators cheer and an announcer breathlessly calls the play-by-play.  Finally one of the animals collapses onto the ground.  The winner's owner is awarded a carpet."

Here are some quick views, the first the main event:

Here's some more:

later, bob
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